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Hello again, friends!

At the end of last year, I announced that I was starting a new writer-focused blog with a close friend, and for the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of setting out on that new adventure. Unfortunately, that adventure has come to an unexpected halt, and while I know that it’s for the best and I’m happy for my friend to focus on new things in life, I decided I wasn’t quite done blogging again. It seems that was enough to get me fired up with more things to say to this world. That means it’s finally time for me to pour life back into this dusty old blog.

So here I am again on Through the Eyes of a Pen with a new look and a renewed purpose.

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My Current Music Playlist

Hello, friends! 

I’ve talked about music a couple times on this blog, and in my post about The Creativity of Music, I admitted to my music addiction. It’s always playing when I write, clean, exercise, and even work.

I’ve given a brief list of some of the genres I listen to, but I thought it’d be fun to give you guys a more specific peek into my playlist. Since I listen to music so often, it’s constantly changing so this list may be outdated in a week, but nevertheless, here’s what’s been on my playlist recently. 

My Current Music Playlist

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My WIP Update and Outlining Process

Hello, friends!

I’ve alluded to my work-in-progress novel a few times on this blog. I thought it might be a good time to give an update on how it’s going, and I also wanted to share my writing process up until this point. My process varies a little with each novel, but for those who are struggling to find a planning process that works well for them, I hope it’ll be helpful to see how I’ve done it. (Not that I’m an expert. This is just what worked for me this time.)

To give a brief summary, my WIP is a historical novel set in 1920s New York. It’s based on the rumors that one or more members of the Romanov family survived their brutal murder in 1918, and in the story, a New York reporter decides to investigate the rumors for himself in hopes of revealing any surviving members of the Russian Imperial family.

WIP Update and Outlining Process

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A Quick Update

Hello, friends!

As I mentioned on my Facebook page a couple months ago, I have a new part-time job. I knew going into it that it’d be an interesting transition to go from working at home for myself to working a part-time job. I still managed to underestimate how big of a transition it would really be.

For that reason, I’m giving myself a week off to try to gather myself and get back into a routine that’ll help me write blog posts easier.

That being said, if you want to help me out, I’d love to hear your blog post suggestions. If there’s something you’d like to hear me talk about or even if you’ve got a question about me, I want to hear it. You can comment on this post or message me directly through the Contact Me page. The more topics I have to choose from for my posts, the easier it will be for me to write. I also want to give you content that you’re interested in reading.

If you’re still craving new content this week, you can check out my revamped About Me page.

I appreciate all of you, my readers, and I hope you enjoy your Labor Day. (If you’re in America that is. If not, enjoy your Monday!) I’ll see you next week with a regular post.

~Megan Miles~

August Writing Prompt Challenge – The Brothers Grimm Culprit

Hello, friends! 

This month I have a special writing prompt challenge for you. While going through some files on my laptop this past week, I discovered a short story I wrote last year for a contest. It never won the contest, but I still have a love for the story itself because it was so fun to write. 

After some sprucing and mild editing, I decided to share that story this month. Since there’s not a specific prompt that I wrote this story off, I’ve got a little bit more of a general writing prompt challenge for you. 

I challenge you to take one (or more) of your favorite fairy tales and put a modern twist on it.

Now I hope you’ll enjoy mine!


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The Tale of a Damaged Mailbox and Failure

Hello, friends!

Back in my post “Breaking Through the Wall of Anxiety,” I mentioned that I had a story about a damaged mailbox during my driving practice. I couldn’t really get into that incident then and said I’d save it for another time. Now is “another time.” 

I’m the type of person who hates failure and will avoid it at all costs. (I think that’s a pretty normal thing.) Usually, if I fail miserably at something, I never want to attempt it again. While a lot of people have these feelings, I’ve seen recently how it’s not a good way to view failure. 


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4 Short Story Writing Tips

Hello, friends!

These past couple of years, I’ve been writing quite a few short stories in an attempt to get better at it. Even though full-length novels are usually my writing focus, I’ve found that it’s nice to break from a long-term project to work on shorter fiction. 

I’m far from a short story expert, but the more I write, the more I learn about what works with my writing style to create a story I’m happy with. A lot of what I’ve learned has come from reading blog posts about how to write short stories and then applying their methods to my writing through trial and error. 

So today I decided to compile a few of the tips I’ve learned when it comes to writing short stories. 


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July Writing Prompt Challenge – The Midnight Train

Hello, friends! 

Last month I introduced my new writing prompt challenge series. In case you missed my first story, you can check it out here. 

When I decided to make this challenge, I was trying to keep my stories very short, like 2,000 words or less. However, what I wrote this month broke my own unspoken rule. So I decided if you make the rules, you can break them or change them, right? 

Just like last month, I encourage you to take the same prompt I used for this story and come up with your own story. Feel free to send it to me via my contact form or paste it in the comments below for others to enjoy.

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For my final post in this series looking at creative mediums besides writing, I decided to shine the light on filmmaking. When I’m talking about filmmaking, I’m not just talking about movies and TV shows. I want to encompass the indie filmmakers and videographers as well. Yes, even some YouTubers fit this category. 

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Story & Art

When I set out to make this series about other creative mediums besides writing, I knew one of the topics I wanted to talk about was art, but it was also the topic I was the most intimidated about covering. I’m very much not an artist, and until recent years, I’ve never really had much of an appreciation for art.

Thanks to a couple artistic friends, I’m able to appreciate art a bit more than I used to. I’ve had many long talks with them that have helped me to see the meaning behind art, the depth of it, and the stories that can be held in just a few brush strokes.

I’m still no expert in art so when I got the idea for this post, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it alone. I also knew exactly who I would get to help me. I met one of my artist friends through a teen writers’ forum when we were young teenagers. As someone with both writing and art experience, I knew she would be perfect for this post. Whenever I have a question about art for my writing, she’s usually my go-to resource. 

Just as a side note before I dive into the post, if you’re interested in seeing her art, you can check her out at Bright’s Wanderings on Facebook.

Story & Art

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The Creativity of Music

Last week I explained that this month’s blog posts are devoted to shining the light on other creative mediums besides writing. To kick this trilogy off, I want to talk about music.

Music has been around pretty much since the beginning of history. For centuries, it’s been used to exclaim joy and celebration, share sorrow, and express one’s self. Cultures all around the world throughout history have had their own styles of music, instruments, and purpose for the music. 

Today music is everywhere in the world around us. It comes in all genres, from all countries, and there’s such a wide variety of musicians trying to make it in the music industry. You can stream it, download it, and for those who prefer physical copies, records are back in. 


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